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Alonzo's Teaching Package:
Provides dance classes for Local and International Dance Studio's on all levels. Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance. Group rates Available.

We provide Creative Direction and on stage visuals for any artist needs. Suitable for music videos, award shows, concerts, tours, or all types of performances, showcases, competitions, parties, or personal reels. Our choreographers specialize in all styles of dance from Hip-Hop, Street Jazz, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tap, and Salsa.

Music Mixing:
We provide show mixing for Artists, Dance Crews, TV shows, Concerts, Tours, or Personal events.

Artistic Director:
Focusing on your creative abilities on stage, Which includes special moves, gestures, facial expressions, Strength, Control and verbal communication during your performance. This helps building a connection between you and your audience and allows interaction between the too, which will result in an amazing show.

Stage Presence:
Personal Persona, Confidence, and Creative Control in an Artist, Dancer or performer is KEY. We strive to seek individuality and uniqueness that brings out the best in your performance by building your on stage personality and techniques. As an Artist/Performer your talent should be well defined and skills should show throughout your performance taking your audience on a ride, creating a unique on stage character who's Image is strong and effortlessly.

We offer Private and Group dance lessons.

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Rhythm City Ent (Company Training Program)
As the work that we do as an entertainment company begins to expand, I'm growing the company and reaching out to other dancers for opportunities to work in our exclusive environment and fill the needs that the company requires.

Email us today to find out more about being a part of Rhythm City Entertainment Company or The Midas Touch Youth Co.

Advance Hip-Hop classes with Choreographer Alonzo Williams
Every Saturday from 7pm - 8:30pm at Ripley Grier Studio's 520 Eighth Ave between 36th & 37th Street 16th Floor. Classes are ONLY $10 for an hour and a half.

Songwriting & Pre Production:
At RC/ET Studio Productions we realize that although we have the tools to record great sounds, what's most important are great songs. We have a talented team of songwriters and musicians whose main goal is to turn even the most basic idea or melody into a well developed song and undeniable vibe, regardless of musical genre. "A great recording does not make a song great, but a great song is the starting point for a great sounding recording."

Recording can be an intimidating experience for both beginners and studio veterans alike. A comfortable vibe and creative atompshere are just as important as what kind of microhpones to use. Recording really is capturing a live performace, so wether your a headbanger or a classical singer, we strive to customize our studios specific to your needs. Our spacious live rooms and treated vocal booths can accomodate any size band or project. As for the technical side of things, our studios boast some of the most professional and vintage gear used on many of the recordings you listen to everyday. Our gear includes SSL, Neve, API, Manley, Tube Tech, Telefunken, Nuemann, AKG, Royer, Digidesign, Steinberg, & Waves to name a few.

Mixing is a crucial step in the development of a song or production, and experience, knowldege, and a trained set of ears are important qualities when choosing a mixing environment. ET Studio Productions offers both talented and experienced engineers and the integration of digital audio workstations along with analog consoles to truly create "the best of both worlds". A popular combination is our SSL 9000 Jseries console with Pro Tools HD3 Accel.  So whether you've recorded with us or at another location, we have the tools and abilty to bring any mix to life!

Transfer & Restoration
We provide transfers! 1/2", 2", Vinyl, Cassette, CD, 8track, OMF's, Pro Tools to Nuendo, Logic to Cubase, etc. Just tell us what your needs are and we'll accomodate them. We also do audio restoration including noise reduction, time compression and expansion, pops, clicks, hiss, and vocal reduction or removal.

Vocal Coaching:
Vocal Specialist Laura Monaco is a certified "Vocal Styles" specialist by Berklee College of Music (New York). A songwriter and recording artist with over a decade of experience. Works on a daily basis with music industry professionals, management companies, A&R, and Billboard charting writers and producers. Her students and clients have been placed in shows like MTV's MADE, THE VOICE, AMERICAN IDOL, and CW's THE NEXT. Her goal is to help artists and vocalists of all styles by instilling proper vocal technique as well as providing guidance in the music business.

Artist Development:
This includes full training and focal on an artist by A. Williams Ent & RC/ET Productions. Please email us for artist development packages and rates.