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Waste Car Shredder Scrap Auto Vehicle Crusher Recycling Machine

Applicable Materials:

Automobile shells, Scrap aluminum, Scrap steel, Paint buckets, Color steel tiles, Iron briquettes, Motorcycle racks, Bicycle racks, Carriage boards, Keel bars, Rolling shutters, Scrap angle iron, scrap iron. etc.

Power :15kw-160 KW           Production : 5-60 Tons/Hour

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The Emergence of the Scrap Car Shredder has Solved the Problem of Difficult Car Breaking

The scrap car shredder can crush scrap cars, scrap bicycles, scrap motorcycles, scrap tricycles, car cabs, car bumpers, car compartments, car side panels, car keel bars, etc. for iron and steel making. Recycling and reuse in the factory; greatly saving labor and improving efficiency. You only need to push the scrapped car into the shredder, and after ten minutes, it will be completely shredded and cut by the shredder. Completed At present, car shell shredders have been used by more and more scrap car dismantling companies.

Waste Car Shredder Scrap Auto Vehicle Crusher Recycling Machine

Working Principle

This equipment mainly consists of feeding silo, crushing double rollers, power distribution control system, discharging conveyor and power drive;

Feed bin: place the cars to be crushed to prevent accidents caused by fragments flying out during crushing;
Crushing double rollers: The double rollers are equipped with wear-resistant knives. After all the cutterheads are assembled, a spiral knife is formed. After rotation, each cutterhead is ensured to be evenly stressed. The double rollers are fastened to ensure that there is no large gap between the double-roller cutterheads. The hook of the knife is squeezed between the two rollers to crush the material;

Power system: The feed is driven by a reducer;

Discharge conveyor: independent power system, the whole is fixed to the crusher with bolts, and can be extracted as a whole, making maintenance and replacement parts flexible and convenient;

The material is shredded into small pieces through the comprehensive action of tearing, squeezing, and clamping by the shredding blade, and is discharged from the screen holes.
The size of shredded materials can be customized according to customer requirements.

Waste Car Shredder Scrap Auto Vehicle Crusher Recycling Machine

1: Carbide movable knife has high crushing power. The knives are made of special steel and are forged and processed. They are strong and have a long service life.
2: The fuselage is welded with high-strength steel plates, which can withstand high torque and is very strong and durable.
3: Adopt microcomputer (PC) automatic control, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.
4: The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, low noise, and dust can meet environmental protection standards.
5: Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.

The scrap auto shredder uses a fixed knife and a motor car combined with each other. The fixed knife is fixed on the top of the cutterhead and plays the role of forced feeding and forced crushing when the material enters the casing;

The scrap vehicle shredder is easy to operate, and the tool change is quick and easy; the knife holder is optimized and the claw-shaped knife can disperse the force, so that the shearing force of each knife is increased. It is suitable for crushing thick materials, hard blocks, scraps, etc. It effectively improves the cutting force of the tool and reduces tool grinding; it also has an electronically controlled safety design. The hopper adopts a double-layer structure and is filled with sound insulation materials, making the equipment highly safe and environmentally friendly, energy-saving and durable;

The entire casing of the scrap car crusher is welded with 35mm-50mm manganese steel plates, and is equipped with lining plates, which is strong and durable. The main shaft is made of forged parts that are refined and then heat treated. No matter how large the torque is, it will not break. The cutterhead is cast from manganese steel. There are built-in blades, and the train wheel hub is strung between the cutter heads for forging hammers; the main machine casing adopts a hydraulic cover lifting device, which makes maintenance convenient and fast. The whole machine is designed generously and reasonably, and can be reasonably improved according to user requirements;

Waste Car Shredder Scrap Auto Vehicle Crusher Recycling Machine

Product advantages:
The scrap car shredder equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, high output, and simple use. It uses a movable cutter body device internally, which improves production efficiency and has a high recovery rate. Complete sets of production lines can be configured according to user needs; different models are customized, which can fully meet the requirements of home factories and large-scale enterprise construction. The scrap car shredder adopts a fully automatic power distribution cabinet, and only one person can work the whole process, satisfying the modern requirements. Industrial needs.

Waste Car Shredder Scrap Auto Vehicle Crusher Recycling Machine


Technical Parameters

Metal Shredder Product Parameter


​Model JLSS1200D JLSS1500D JLSS2000D JLSS2600D
Motor   30kw+30kw    30kw+30kw/55kw+55kw    75kw+75kw/90kw+90kw    110kw+110kw/160kw+160kw 
Gearbox   Gearbox: planetary type, gear transmission
Shaft   Solid shaft, made of 40Cr, hardened and tempered

Shredder Chamber


 1120x1000mm  1450x1100mm 1920x1250mm 2425x1400
Rotor Rotary Speed   6-8rpm 6-8rpm 4-6rpm 4-6rpm
Blade Type Detachable type Detachable type Detachable type Detachable type
Blade Dia.530mm Dia.530/560mm Dia.730mm Dia.730/900mm
Lubrication System With automatic oil lubricator for gearboxes
Dimension 3.2x2x1.9m 4.04x2.45x2.6m 5.48x2.79x3.05m 7.74x4.12x4.72m
Weight 17000kg 22000kg 34000kg 58000kg