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Technical Support

Kowloon Machinery Provides Customers with High-Quality Support:

1. Free plan production;
2. Free testing with incoming materials;
3. Free site survey;
4. Quick feedback on needs;
5. Fast delivery from the factory;
6. Fast after-sales service;


Service Area

1. Provide Original Accessories and Wearing Parts;
Our accessories are all made of high-quality wear-resistant materials and finely ground through several processes. In particular, the wearing parts of key parts are selected from imported high-quality alloy forged parts, which are durable;
At the same time, the good interchangeability of some parts makes the replacement process easier and costs less.
We have original design drawings for all models of equipment and their accessories. When you need replacement accessories, please contact us;


2. Maintenance and Repair;
As equipment ages, parts will age, and production efficiency and reliability will also decrease. Therefore, proper maintenance and repair can delay equipment degradation, extend its service life, and achieve your production goals. role.
Depending on the degree of equipment wear and tear and your financial situation, we can also provide regular on-site services to renew the equipment's crushing capacity;


3. Tool surfacing Repair
When the shredder's cutting tools are worn to a certain extent, you can send the worn cutting tools back to our company, or we can send professional technical service personnel to your home to perform overlay welding repairs on the worn parts of the cutting tools to extend the service life of the cutting tools. This is an economical and fast process that can not only repair tool wear, but also use its strengthening function to strengthen the tool to improve its wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance;


4. Equipment Upgrades and Modifications
Whether the equipment you purchase from us is new or old, our series of upgrade solutions can keep the performance of your solid waste crushing equipment at the forefront of technology and maintain good operating conditions. Our continuous innovation capabilities and rich transformation experience enable us to provide you with a variety of upgrade services to achieve higher productivity, reliability, safety and maintenance convenience during the long service life of the equipment.