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Industrial Solid Waste Shredders Municipal Bulky Garbage MSW E Waste Shredder Machine

Application Materials :

Paper, metal, Plastic products, Waste furniture, Waste fabrics, Peels, Bones, Vegetables, Medical waste, Paint buckets, Industrial hazardous waste, Electronic waste, etc.

Standardized modular design, Multi-function, Strong versatility .

Power :15kw-160kw          Production :5-60 t/h

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The industrial waste shredder is a multi-functional and versatile machine with standardized modular design.

Application Materials
Paper, metal, plastic products, waste furniture, waste fabrics, peels, bones, vegetables, medical waste, paint buckets, industrial hazardous waste, electronic waste, etc.



Industrial Solid Waste Shredders Municipal Bulky Garbage MSW E Waste Shredder Machine

Industrial solid waste treatment equipment Solid waste refers to the solid and semi-solid waste materials produced by human beings in production, consumption, life and other activities (the definition abroad is more extensive, and the waste produced by animal activities also belongs to this category), popular I mean, it's "garbage".


Product Description
Mainly include solid particles, garbage, slag, sludge, discarded products, damaged utensils, defective products, animal carcasses, spoiled food, human and animal excrement, etc. In foreign countries, high-concentration liquids such as waste acid, waste alkali, waste oil, and waste organic solvent are also classified as solid waste.

Industrial Solid Waste Shredders Municipal Bulky Garbage MSW E Waste Shredder Machine

Industrial Solid Waste Shredders Municipal Bulky Garbage MSW E Waste Shredder Machine

Kowloon Machinery provides industrial solid waste shredder equipment covering: medical waste, hazardous waste, domestic waste, industrial waste, kitchen waste, rubber waste, plastic waste, etc. It is generally used to process unprocessed raw materials or leftovers to make the size smaller, and according to the actual situation in China, it is improved, researched and developed, and a series of industrial solid waste shredders with mature technology and advanced design are launched, which are the early stage of waste recycling in my country. Crushing, volume reduction treatment provides equipment with reliable quality.


Working Principle
The industrial solid waste shredder uses the transmission system and the reducer to make the two gears cut the material against the rollers and crush the material into blocks. It is generally used for crushing various large-scale materials. Because there is no screen, it is generally suitable for rough crushing of the equipment. The equipment is equipped with Siemens motors and alloy cutters, which have high strength and good wear resistance.

According to the needs of the market, the equipment developed by Jiulong Industrial Solid Waste Shredder is mainly used in the recycling and processing of these wastes. Industrial solid waste shredder is a kind of solid waste volume reduction mechanical shredder equipment, which is mainly composed of blade spindle, fixed knife, carrying box, box bracket, feeding system, hydraulic pushing system, power system, and electrical control system. machine.

Industrial Solid Waste Shredders Municipal Bulky Garbage MSW E Waste Shredder Machine

Application areas
Widely used in metal recycling industry, scrap steel recycling companies, metal smelting, construction industry, automobile recycling companies, etc.


Performance characteristics
The bearing seat of the industrial solid waste crusher adopts a spliced and easy-to-disassemble installation, which can quickly remove the moving knife, fixed knife, bearing and other components, easy to maintain and replace the tool, and the unique sealing structure blocks the contact and pollution of metal debris and grease. The cutter shaft is made of high-strength and heavy-duty special steel, which is more reasonably matched with the cutter to provide a strong guarantee for cutting and shredding.

The industrial solid waste shredder has a very powerful cutting system, and its solid structure also ensures the stability of the machine operation, so our shredder has excellent overall performance and can easily shred various materials to small sizes.


Delivery &Shipping for Twin Shaft Shredder
1.Plastic wraps to protect wood shredder, tire shredder from dust, moisture and corrosion.

2. Wooden case for compact machine or wearing parts as the outside package. Or according to the customer requirements.

3.Excellant logistic team to guarantee the shredder machines to be safely shipped to customer warehouse, no extra fee on export or import on custom.

Industrial Solid Waste Shredders Municipal Bulky Garbage MSW E Waste Shredder Machine

Kowloon Service
1. Pre-sales: Provide fitted solution and offer to customers, is able to adjust the layout of complete line to fit customers working area, also provide technical support 24 hours service online.

2. After sales:Kowloon skilled technicians are experienced at oversea installation, therefore they are available to assist with onsite installation, commissioning & training on request. Layout drawing, circuit diagram and maintenance manual will be provided together with our products after sales, so that ensure customers have plenty of time to get prepared for installation.

3. Wearing parts support:Kowloon has widely built extensive cooperation with wearing parts partner manufacturers more than 14years, has ability to continuously provide wearing parts and after-sale service to global market.

Technical Parameters

Solid Waste Shredders Product Parameter


​Model JLSS1000D JLSS1200D JLSS1500D JLSS2000D
Motor   15kw+15kw    22kw+22kw    55kw+55kw  90kw+90kw 
Gearbox   2units, Planetary type, Gear transmission
Shaft   Solid shaft, Made of 40Cr, Hardened and tempered

Shredder Chamber


 940x725mm  1140x725mm 1415x1010mm 1920x1100mm
Rotor Rotary Speed   13rpm  13rpm  8-18rpm 8-18rpm
Blade Type Detachable type Detachable type Detachable type Detachable type
Blade 9Crsi, diameter 360mm 9Crsi, diameter 360mm 9Crsi, diameter 530mm 9Crsi, diameter 560mm
Lubrication System With automatic oil lubricator
Dimension 2.8x1.9x2.24m 3x1.9x2.24m 4.04x2.45x2.6m 5.48x2.79x3.05m
Weight 6000kg 8000kg 12000kg 19000kg