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Tire Rubber Rasper and Crusher Machine

Tire Rubber Rasper and Crusher Machine
1. Hydrualic system of the shredder to assist disassemble with the chamber open .
2. high output of the machinery . screw conveyor outcomes of the materials
3. the crusher sieve is take the carton steel thickness and strong.

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Tire Rubber Rasper Tire wire separator Machine

Tire Wire Removing Machine

The tire wire separator is composed of motor, reducer, rotating knife roller, box, frame, screen, hydraulic auxiliary mechanism, etc.
This equipment crushes the pre-processed waste tire rubber blocks (30-80mm) into 10-15mm particles. During the crushing process, the steel wire and some fibers are separated from the rubber.
1. Hydrualic system of the shredder to assist disassemble with the chamber open .
2. high output of the machinery . screw conveyor outcomes of the materials
3. the crusher sieve is take the carton steel thickness and strong.


Working Principle
Jiulong Tire Wire Separator uses the rasp on the rotating knife roller and the file on the box to shear and squeeze the rubber block to shred, shear and process the rubber block to a smaller particle size. At the same time, the steel wire and some fibers are screened and separated from the rubber during the crushing process of the rubber block. The bottom of the wire separator is equipped with a screen. Materials smaller than the screen hole will fall through the screen; materials larger than the screen hole will continue to stay in the crushing cavity and be crushed again until they are broken to a size smaller than the screen hole and fall out.

The waste tire shredder is a shearing shredder driven by two motors. The equipment is equipped with Siemens motors and alloy steel knives, which have high strength and good wear resistance. It can be used to crush a series of waste materials such as: televisions, washing machines, tires, DVDs, car doors, mixed scrap steel, industrial waste paper, computers, hard drives, waste clothes, waste shoes, textiles, municipal solid waste, oil barrels, paint barrels, Mattress etc.

Tire Rubber Rasper and Crusher Machine


Waste Tire Crushing Pretreatment Process:
After the waste tires are extracted from the thicker steel wires on both sides of the wheel hub through the tire spinning machine, the stripped tires are transported to the double-shaft shearing crushing silo through a heavy-duty metal chain plate conveyor. The rotor in the knife box is driven by a motor + reducer. , the working principle of low speed and high torque, crushing and shearing tires into pieces, and the outside of the equipment is designed to be surrounded by an annular drum screen. The tire rubber blocks cut into small pieces fall on the drum screening. The rubber blocks smaller than the screen aperture are dropped to the output equipment for the next step of the process. The rubber blocks larger than the screen aperture are returned to the crushing silo for processing. Second broken. The crushed rubber blocks are discharged from the discharging belt conveyor, and the discharging materials enter two processes to choose a particle crushing unit or a rubber powder crushing unit.


Major Equipment:
For different tire characteristics and productivity requirements, equipment may include:
1. Ring wire drawing machine: remove tire steel rim.
2. Conveying equipment: conveyor belts, screw conveyors and air pressure transmission systems.
3. Waste tire shredder: shred tires into film (30-80mm).
4. Steel wire separator: separates rubber and steel wire and processes them into rubber particles (10-15mm).
5. Magnetic separator: separates steel wires from rubber and steel wire mixtures.
6. Crusher: crush the rubber particles to smaller sizes (1mm-6mm).
7. Vibrating screen/roller screen: Separates rubber particles of different sizes, and the oversized particles are sent back to the crusher for secondary crushing.
8. Fiber separator: removes foreign matter and fibers.
9. Secondary magnetic separator: remove any remaining capillary wire.
10. Mill: Grind the particles into powder (20-60 mesh).
11. Fully automatic bagging system: put finished products into storage bags or packaging bags.

Tire Rubber Rasper and Crusher Machine


Product Advantages
The cutter roller is driven by a reducer, running smoothly and with little vibration.
The box body is integrally processed by a high-precision CNC machining center to ensure that the equipment can operate smoothly with high load for a long time.
Wear-resistant steel plates are used in parts prone to wear to improve overall wear resistance and effectively reduce equipment maintenance cycles and costs.
The main shaft is made of high-strength alloy steel and is integrally tempered to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.
The cutting tools can be disassembled and installed independently, which takes a short time and can be replaced quickly; the fixed cutting tool can be repaired and used many times, with strong interchangeability and long service life.
The blade gap can be adjusted according to the type and thickness of the material to achieve better crushing effect.
The upper and lower chassis are articulated and can be opened or closed by hydraulic pressure to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the knife roller.
The screen is hydraulically driven to open or close, allowing for quick replacement and maintenance.


After the waste tires are processed, there are two kinds of steel wire sorting technologies, namely tire rolling equipment and automated wire drawing equipment. In addition, Jiulong provides you with an overall solution for the waste tire crushing and processing production line system. As a manufacturer of solid waste and electronic waste crushing equipment, Jiulong Machinery has successively established waste tire crushing production lines for many domestic and foreign environmental protection companies and rubber tire resource recycling companies.



Technical Parameters

Model JLRS 800 JLRS 1000 JLRS 1200 JLRS 1500 JLRS1800
Size (mm) 3350 * 2020 * 3050mm 3500 * 2020 * 3050mm 4050 * 2350 * 3800mm 4550 * 2450 * 3800mm 4850 * 2450 * 3800mm

Crushing Roller

Rotation Diameter

460mm 460mm 670mm 670mm 670mm
Movable Knife Number 36 42 36 48 60
Fixed Knife Number 12 14 12 16 20
Motor Power 55KW 75KW 110KW 160KW 200KW
Hydraulic Motor 2.2KW 2.2KW 3KW 3KW 3KW
Discharge Conveyor Motor 2.2KW 2.2KW 2.2KW 3KW 3KW
Magnetic Separation Motor 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.2KW 2.2KW