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Wood Branch Shredders Waste Wood Crusher Machine Giant Capacity

Application Materials :

Timber, Furniture factory scraps, Waste furniture, Wooden pallets, Building templates, Logs, Branches, Tree stumps, Tree roots, etc.

Shredding wood, reducing material size by shearing, tearing and squeezing .

Power :15kw-160 kw                     Production :5-60 t/h

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Kowloon industrial shredder is sort of twin shaft shredding machine, widely used for household garbage, municipal solid wastes, scrap metal recycling and waste rubber like car and truck tires downsize, also apply to size reduction of IBC tank, plastic/metal barrel, waste furniture, sofa, mattress, home appliances and other large size materials, which inconvenient for transportation, the shreds after processing can also be used for secondary resources recovery .

Wood Branch Shredders Waste Wood Crusher Machine Giant Capacity

1. Heavy rotary knife with high crushing efficiency. These knives are all made of alloy steel and have a long service life.

2. Thick frame plate can resist high torque, which is very sturdy.

3. Adopting microcomputer (PLC) automatic control.

4. The equipment has the characteristics of low rotating speed, high torque, low noise and the dust achieving the environmental standards.

5. Easy adjustment, low maintenance cost, economic durability. 

Wood Branch Shredders Waste Wood Crusher Machine Giant Capacity

Low speed, high torque rotor, cutting and shearing working principle suitable for both soft and hard materials;

Blades made of special alloy, different shape, thickness and cutting head quantity providing the optimum solution for different materials.

Siemens, ABB, WEG¡-etc quality motors are available for different customers options

Schneider, Chint, Siemens¡-etc electrical components to ensure steady performance and realize machine 24hours running, also PLC system is optional to enabling automatic reverse for overload protection and minimizing blades damages;

Individual electrical control panel with PLC control system ensure the machine work properly and safety;

Detachable type cutting head on shredder blades, makes the maintenance and replacement of wearing parts easier and much shorten maintenance time.

Low speed, lower noise, workable in workshop and outdoor

Wood Branch Shredders Waste Wood Crusher Machine Giant Capacity

1. Plastic: large head material, engineering plastics, paint barrels, glass

2. Appliances: TV sets, monitors, microwave ovens, dishwashers and other small and medium-sized home appliances shell, electrical equipment

3. Electronic products: computer host shell, hard drive, CD-ROM, battery shell

4. Pipe: PVC, PE, PP and other pipe, urban water supply pipe, drain pipe

5. Wood: logs, pallets. wooden board, piece of furniture

6. Rubber: waste car tires, conveyor belt

7. Metal: steel IBC cube, metal sheet such as copper, aluminum or iron, aluminum castings and crush blocks, motorcycles, car engine housings, oil filters

8. Worn clothes and so on.

Wood Branch Shredders Waste Wood Crusher Machine Giant Capacity


Technical Parameters

Wood  Shredder Product Parameter


​Model JLSS1000 JLSS1200 JLSS1500 JLSS2000
Motor   15kw+15kw    22kw+22kw    55kw+55kw  90kw+90kw 
Gearbox   2units, Planetary type, Gear transmission
Shaft   Solid shaft, Made of 40Cr, Hardened and tempered

Shredder Chamber


 940x725mm  1140x725mm 1415x1010mm 1920x1100mm
Rotor Rotary Speed   8-18rpm 8-18rpm 8-18rpm 8-18rpm
Blade Type Detachable type Detachable type Detachable type Detachable type
Blade 9Crsi, diameter 360mm 9Crsi, diameter 360mm 9Crsi, diameter 530mm 9Crsi, diameter 560mm
Lubrication System With automatic oil lubricator
Dimension 3.2x1.3x2.3m 3.2x2x1.9m 4.04x2.45x2.6m 5.48x2.79x3.05m
Weight 6000kg 12000kg 18000kg 29000kg