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Producing RDF alternative fuel from industrial waste

Article published:2024-05-27

Producing RDF alternative fuel from industrial waste

The preparation of alternative fuels from industrial waste can be said to have a certain technical content. Many environmentalists are more concerned about "alternative fuels", so what are alternative fuels? How are alternative fuels made and what production lines are needed? As a domestic supplier of solid waste disposal equipment and overall solutions, Kowloon Machinery will introduce the above two issues to you.

1. What are alternative fuels?

With the continuous advancement of the "double carbon" goal and the optimization and adjustment of the energy structure, the state advocates that industrial production enterprises use clean alternative fuels to replace the use of coal and fuel oil to achieve the purpose of reducing carbon emissions.

Producing RDF alternative fuel from industrial waste

The so-called clean alternative fuel is to process the combustible light substances in domestic waste and general industrial solid waste (waste textile, plastics, leather scraps, etc.) through a series of related equipment to make fuel rods to achieve the synchronization of waste management and industrial production. develop.

Alternative fuels have high calorific value and low carbon emissions. Compared with coal and fuel oil, they are cleaner and have lower usage costs for industrial production companies and power plants.

2. How are alternative fuels made and what equipment is required?

Let’s take general industrial solid waste (textile waste, plastics, leather scraps, etc.) as an example. General industrial solid waste can be deeply processed to obtain alternative fuels through the general industrial solid waste resource recycling production line developed by Kowloon Machinery.

The main process is: feeding and conveying → primary crushing → iron removal → secondary crushing → RDF forming machine/baler. The entire production line is equipped with a negative pressure dust removal system to ensure that the environment of the production site meets national safety standards. At the same time, the production The line is equipped with the GI intelligent control system independently developed by Kowloon Machinery, which can implement all-round real-time monitoring of the production process of the production line to ensure stable operation of the production line, thereby increasing production profits.