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What does a good double-shaft shredder look like?

Article published:2024-05-23

What does a good double-shaft shredder look like?

The dual-shaft shredder has always been the core equipment that attracts the most attention in the field of solid waste disposal. There are also various dual-shaft shredders on the market, and the quality is even more uneven. This has led many environmentalists to choose dual-shaft shredders. The process of shredding is extremely troublesome, so what aspects should be considered when choosing a double-shaft shredder? The following will introduce to you what a good double-shaft shredder looks like?

Kowloon Machinery has been focusing on the dual-shaft shredder manufacturing industry for many years. The following will introduce the dual-shaft shredder of Kowloon Machinery to you:

1. Integral knife box

The tool box adopts an integral annealing process, which avoids the prestress caused by welding, has higher mechanical strength, and is not easy to deform after long-term use; the upper and lower bodies are integrally processed and formed by a large gantry machining center, with higher processing accuracy.

What does a good double-shaft shredder look like?

2. Use the knife

The integral movable knife can be repaired by welding and reused multiple times; CrNiMo high-hardness wear-resistant alloy steel imported from Europe is precision-machined by CNC grinder and wire cutting, which ensures high processing accuracy and the tool has good durability. Grindability and moderate toughness, the tool can be assembled only after passing multiple tests such as ultrasonic testing, hardness testing, and dimensional testing.

3. Anti-winding fixed knife

The fixed knife is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel plate. It is installed as a single unit and fixed in groups. It is wear-resistant and has strong interchangeability and longer service life. The anti-winding design has more advantages in crushing flexible materials such as textiles.

4. Spindle

The main shaft is made of high-strength alloy steel, which has high processing precision, is durable and wear-resistant, and has a long service life. It adopts German standard spline connection method, which has large transmission torque, high positioning accuracy, uniform force and strong load-bearing capacity.

5. Multiple seals and centralized automatic oiling system

Imported bearings, multiple sealing structures, waterproof, dustproof, anti-fouling, longer service life; automatic oil filling system to maintain sufficient oil in the bearings to avoid bearing damage and ensure stable operation of the equipment.

6. Intelligent monitoring system

The GI intelligent monitoring system feeds back equipment operation data in real time, automatically alarms and shuts down when fault occurs, ensuring safe equipment operation; it is equipped with a human-computer interaction interface to make management and operation more convenient, saving manpower and time costs.

7. Dual drive optional

Option 1: Dual three-phase asynchronous motor + dual planetary reducer drive, strong power, large torque, reliable operation; Option 2: Hydraulic drive, imported core hydraulic components, closed system constant power asynchronous control, adjustable and controllable speed, Great driving force.