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How to choose large-scale garbage disposal equipment?

Article published:2024-05-29

How to choose large-scale garbage disposal equipment?

With our country's emphasis on ecological environment construction, my country's garbage classification work has been steadily advancing, and the front-end garbage classification has also provided convenient conditions for the end-of-life garbage treatment at the back end. At present, my country's garbage is mainly incinerated. The garbage collected in the community will be transported to the garbage incineration power plant. The Household garbage is now fermented in the storage pit for about a week, and the leachate is discharged. The garbage is then grabbed by the garbage crane and put into the grate furnace incinerator. After drying, incineration, and burnout, it needs to be burned in the boiler for about 2 hours, and then it is connected to the power grid through the steam turbine to generate electricity. As a special component of Household garbage, large-scale garbage cannot be directly incinerated because of its large volume, and usually needs to be crushed.

How to choose large-scale garbage disposal equipment?

Customers often ask how to deal with large garbage and how to choose equipment. First, let's talk about the treatment of large garbage: the collected large garbage is piled in the garbage sorting center, the metal chain conveyor transports the large garbage to the crushing bin, the crusher crushes the large garbage into smaller particles, the iron remover automatically separates the crushed metal materials from other materials, and the metal materials are automatically unloaded into the collection box through the iron remover. The remaining materials are transported by a closed belt conveyor. The iron removal area is sealed in a reasonable way to ensure the full sealing performance of the entire line. The entire production line is equipped with a professional dust reduction system, a crusher intelligent monitoring and control protection system, and finally sent to the terminal disposal site by a cleaning truck, realizing the rapid transfer of garbage, effective volume reduction, and reasonable classification and treatment.

Large garbage treatment equipment

Through the above treatment methods, we can see that the treatment of large garbage requires a lot of equipment, conveying equipment, crushing host, dust removal equipment, control system, etc. So how to choose the equipment manufacturer? At present, there are many crusher manufacturers in China, which can be said to be a mixed bag with uneven quality. It is recommended to first consider the use site when choosing, because the project operation experience determines the stability and reliability of the manufacturer's equipment operation. Secondly, it is necessary to inspect the equipment's production factory, the equipment's raw materials, processing technology, etc., which can ensure the reliability of the equipment quality.